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Impossible Quests


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I was told by e-mail to post my thread here so. Ticket #14612905


So anyone else notice the array of impossible quests popping up. The second stage of [Area] Sabotage The Gormak is one of these. Since Patch 3.0 there has been a huge increase in damage from normal and silver enemies. Silver enemies being the worst. There is no way to win against these two silver guys. This game is so broken.


I am a Smuggler healer with decent gear. I am also almost a Master Craftsman. I have leveled very many toons. I leveled a Imp Agent healer before too so I know my class well. It's not something I am new to. Yet here I am at a impossible quest, only due to patch 3.0.


Edit: So I did get past this quest but with help from a friendly player. Next time label this as [AREA 2+]. Until they fix this I will not be coming back.

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