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Credit Farming VS. Honest Work


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So... may I suggest rising the profit from dailies and weeklies significantly? Currently, people are hoarding in millions from 15 credit chests (20-30k) and the chests respawn so fast you can't almost even do the route. There is something fundamentally wrong when opening credit vaults pays off more than actually doing dailies to earn credits.


It would be better if you removed the credit chests all together from the 3.0 content, and doubled the payoff from dailies.


Math: 7 credit chests (that I know of) with a 5 min timer (sometimes less it seems) paying around 24k on average

60m/5mcd = 12xHour per chest (x7 chests) = 84 loots per hour x 24k average loot =

2'016'000 per hour (assuming you are the only looter)

Well that, and I only know of half of the chests.


doing dailies for 1 hour pays around 150-200k? make it ~650k, and again, remove the credit vaults or up the timer by x5

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