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Thoughts on the new Scoundrel class quest [Spoilers]


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My thoughts are here...what are yours?




First off, I was thrilled to actually have an actual class quest, as short as it was. Second, I was excited to see Beryl Thorne again, as her and my Smuggler "hit if off" ,so to speak, back on Quesh. She was a great character in the limited time we saw her and I know many were disappointed she wasn't a class companion.


My only problem, other than the shortness of the mission; is that the ending of the story just didn't fit. First off, in Quesh, when I chose to let her know about the incoming raid even though I didn't have to it was a personal touch and she liked me. We further know she likes the Captain as she continues to stay in touch.


When she contacts me about the ship and I flirted with her about "a new ending together" she enthusiastically responds "not just a new ending, a new beginning" indicating that she was excited to be with my Smuggler (oddly enough Akaavi didn't seem to mind this) as we would keep 2 (which obviously excludes any of my crew) and be on a 10 year cruise together.


So, back to my problem. When the story is all finished I don't have the option to have her join my crew so we could still be together. It was just like, "well, we've both liked each other and were ready to commit to 10 years together but since it didn't work out see ya" and she was like "cool, see ya" like it was no big deal. She wouldn't even accept my offer to go for a few drinks.


In summary; if you're going to allow us to build this romance let us capitalize on it somehow instead of this awkward "goodbye" that just didn't fit with feelings the characters had.


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Mostly, I was just chuffed to see my smuggler doing smuggler-y things and acting smuggler-y again.




I didn't choose any romance lines with her (Risha put an end to that shenanigans on Quesh), but I offered to put in a word with the supreme chancellor if she ever needed work, which was cool; felt like an underworld guy with serious connections. :cool:


Hopefully, given the reward we get at the end of SoR, there'll be more of that later...



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