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New personal buff tray constantly reordering


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When I first saw all the changes, I thought "great, flexibility!" but I don't think all the options are working as intended, or possibly certain buffs only are causing problems.


First, the tooltips lead me to believe that Effect Sort Type is only effective if Personal Effects is on. Is that correct? Or are you calling the whole Player Buff Tray the buff tray on the interface editor, yet calling it the Effect Tray in the tooltips?


To try to fix my problem I turned Highlight Effects and Personal Effect back off but it didn't help. Here's what's happening: On my Gunslinger, ungrouped, I have my 1hour buffs and sprint on. I then crouch which casuses Cool Under Pressure, Ballistic Dampers, Unshakable, and Crouch to show up which are all 0 duration buffs (which say they aren't affected by the sort) and also Ready for Anything starts counting up from 1 to 30 (sometimes it gets stuck on one - that's a different bug). Anyway, while RfA is counting up, all of the 0 duration buffs start changing positions every tick. Talk about distracting! Once it hits 30, they all stop moving finally.


So is it just Ready for Anything causing this? And am I understanding how the personal effects changes are supposed to be working?

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