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What the fark is wrong with SWTOR?


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We support you guys by pre-ordering the expansion. We ended up becoming beta-tester for your less than perfect product.


We (or rather I) spent millions of credit training my 2 char post lvl 55 as well as huge amount of credit (which I am prepared to absorb the cost) on repair bill because Revan fight is bugged and there is no way to kill Revan.


After all these, you are telling me that you will remove the training cost next week (which is great), BUT BUT BUT you will not refund those who have already spent their credit. And the problem here is because we PRE-ORDER and have support you, and that is why we SUFFER this ****.


Bottom line is this: YOU ARE SCREWING ALL YOUR SUPPORTER who pre-order. WHAT the fark is wrong with you guys?


Note: And if you think the whole issue is about credit refund, you are missing the point. You can take all the credits you want and I don't give a damn. What I give a damn is that I (we) am taken for a ride. That is a matter of principle. Your goodwill with your supporter is BURNT. Fark you very much. I am going to throw in the towel as far as SWTOR is concerned, so please please please just help me by giving me one more reason to piss me off. AND THAT IS IT.

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