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Assassin PVE Discipline speck?


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PvE is kind of a fickle game with utilities. I sometimes don't even use any Heroic level for open world. For Ops it will really depend on what each fight has. Open world is a little bit easier.


For Open World Hatred I typically use the following:


Avoidance - quicker interrupts and force speed more often when traveling (and I have maxed out rocket boots too)

Lambaste - just some slightly extra AoE damage

Insulation - I will always use this regardless of Discipline, PvP, PvE, etc,

Obfuscation - Just move to places quicker and higher stealth level means more passing up groups if you want to


Disjuntion - longer force speeds, longer use of Shroud as a defensive

Fade - Lower cooldown on Force Cloak for exiting combat with mobs more often (should I want to)


Assassin's Shelter - increase companion's healing to me, sometimes also boost his healing by dropping it if needed


It really is kind of up in the air. The only changes I've really made for open world was I threw in Sapped Mind to fight the Grophets that have Force Attack resistance because for whatever reason they were kicking my *** at first, so I used Sapped Mind to help myself when fighting the rare spawn ones. Although I probably didn't need it because I was lvl 57 when they would kill me and at lvl 60 it isn't even remotely a problem.


Like I said for Operations it is really kind of boss dependent. For example, Electric Bindings for NiM Styrak in SnV, there is no other place you need that imo. But then again almost all utilities are more PvP centric, not PvE.

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