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Cargo Size Sucks


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I have found that crafting for war supplies and gear the need to keep the older material. I didn’t use to keep the lower lvl stuff but the war supplies was an excellent way to use the old materials. There is no way 3 bays would work if you are participating in the guild invasions and general crafting for gear. Look at the requirements for the war supplies and let me know what you can do with 3 bays. Don’t even talk about unpacking a cartel pack with 24 unpack crates?


There always has to be #ThatPerson “Who need a 4TB hardrive, I have a 250G and it does everything I need”


Now that there have been additions material added I think increasing the stack sizes would be excellent. I am not by no means saying make it free. I would pay for this legacy upgrade across my account. Take my money I would gladly give it to you for increasing stack sizes or bay sizes.

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