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Mandalorian Riaders

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Hi All,


Looking for help to understand how to defeat the battle royale inside of Mando instance. Me as the healer I am always kiting at least one if not 2 mobs. A bit tough but that isnt bad for maybe a minute - but it seems that it takes a while for even one add to die.


So I am taking a beating, my tank is dropping and i'm doing line of site moves to hide from pistol fire. Then add in a dps who starts to drop and we have a mixture for disaster. I also run into healing problems because my tank/melee dps are getting punted out of LOS.


Can someone help with a few questions:


What is the recommended level to beat this instance for a full PUG. - no vent?


What is the kill order for this fight?


Is there a preferred dps/healer type that fairs better in this battle?



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I actually healed this yesterday with my Sage at level 20, the group was desperate. On top of the we only had 3 people all together including myself, the group consisted of a Shadow level 27, and Gunslinger level 23 and myself. The Shadow and i always CC'd an elite each, and then proceeded to kill the strongs and 1 other eilte in the normal group consisting of 3 elites and 2 strongs.


In all honesty though this wasn't hard for me to heal being the tank (Shadow)actually geared and spec'd for tanking wasn't all that hard to heal and the tank and Gunslinger both were playing it smart and not touching their AOE skill making this a very controlled fight. The dps was low so i sometimes on a rare occasion had to CC the same target twice in one fight.


Its not actually the kill order to answer your question its crowd control you need, It will keep you your tank and dps all happy that your able to keep them all up with ease and throwing random dps when you can. Just remember CC no AOE will get this all done for you no problem. :)

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