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Stronghold Questions


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Hey Guys,


I have a few questions about SH's


I unlocked my first one on Dromund Kaas...and I have some basic decorations but how do I get more of them? Or better ones.


What are these pre-fabs? I googled it and I suck at google cause I found nothing


Are they like sets of decor?


Thanks in advance (and sorry)

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Hello! First and foremost, you should know that since patch 3.0 MANY stronghold decorations are messed up. Several are not shown in the decorations catalogue and/or are displayed incorrectly. Bioware is aware of these issues and is working on it.


I mention this first, because I don't want to see you frustrated when you try to decorate your stronghold and find that many of the decorations that should be available are not.


Next, you asked about fabrication. Among the items you receive for your stronghold, are three droids. These droids fabricate items that you can put in your stronghold. In order to fabricate them, YOU have to supply the components, all of which can be crafted by whatever toons you have that have crafting professions, provided they are high enough level. If you are unable to craft these items or the components, you can buy them on the GTN. The individual components create items called MK. The MK come in three flavors: green (MK-1) blue (MK-2) and epic (MK-3). You craft or buy the MK units and exchange them with the fabrication droids for whatever item you want.


That having been said, be aware that the decorations that are most seriously messed up atm are the ones you can fabricate, so don't even try to make them or use them till Bioware implements a fix/


Once these items are repaired, you will find many things available that you may want to place in your SH.

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