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What if you only had 25k req?


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So since GSF is borked, I have been more inclined to queue on alts with absolutely no gear. In doing so I got to thinking that it might be interesting to see how people built their ships after 1-2 weeks of play. I also figured this might serve as a distraction while we constantly check for updates on whether or not they are going to fix anything anytime soon.


I believe the new minor ship req tokens give 938 a pop and the new majors give 3125. You get 5k fleet req for doing the Intro to GSF mission now. Assume only a modest amount of play each day, I figured that 25k req was a very obtainable per week amount of ship req.


So the rules are that you can pick any ship (you have 5k fleet req to work with), but you can only spend 25k ship req. If you pick a T1 Bomber you can have 27.5k and if you pick a T1 scout/strike/gunship (for those of you who get those for free), you can spend 30k.


If you so choose, you can also include a two-week build using an extra 25k.


This exercise would have the added benefit of giving new players a realistic build to achieve and enlighten folks as to the order in which veteran pilots typically prioritize components.

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Here is my first stab:



Primary: t1 Quads (1k)

Secondary: t1 Concussion (1k)

Secondary: t2 Protons (3.5k)

Engine: t2 Barrel Roll (3.5k)

Shields: t2 Directional (3.5k + 1.5k unlock)

Armor: t3 Lightweight (5k)

Thruster: t3 Regen (5k + 1k unlock)

Capacitor: t0 Ranged (0k)

Magazine: t0 Munitions (0k)


Total cost: 25k


Crew is going to vary depending on what class I am playing on who I get unlocked just from having them as a companion.


This gives me access to a ship with one of my favorite engine maneuvers because of the mobility it adds, reasonably beefy shields coupled with decent evasion, and a pretty ready supply of engine power.

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Let's play this.


T1 strike build:

Retros T2 upgraded (5k req)

HLC T3 upgraded (8.5k req)

Concs T2 upgraded (3.5k req)

Regen Thrusters T3 upgraded (6k req)

Large Reactior T3 upgraded (6k req)

All other components as stock


Cost of the build: 28k

This leaves enough fleet req to unlock one crew member, which can be necessary depending on faction and class.


This build focuses on midrange engagements, which should be easier for a newbie to learn, and has the best mobility available to strike fighters. The Large Reactor is necessary because Quick Charge strikes are incredibly fragile, and anything that offsets that is at a premium—however Quick Charge does contribute to mobility and more importantly, has a very low skill requirement, Directionals are tricky to use optimally and a newbie should probably learn the basics before trying them. Retros are one of the most useful engine manoeuvres and the first two upgrades of any engine manoeuvre are near-mandatory. HLC get the most req spent as they are your main source of damage.


T3 strike build:

LLC T1 upgraded (3k req)

Thermites Torpedoes T1 upgraded (3k req)

Power Dive T2 upgraded (3.5k req)

Repair Probes T1 Upgraded (3k req)

Charged Plating T2 upgraded (5k req)

Deflection Armour T3 upgraded (6k req)

All other components as stock


Cost of the build: 23.5k req


This build is a simple Domination oriented build: get on the sat, use Charged Plating to shrug off mines, use Repair Probes to help you survive the CP bleedthrough and to help your team-mates, and Thermite every bomber you see. I chose LLC as they're easier to use, especially on a sat, than QLC and burstier than Rapids. The CP T2 upgrade may seem like an odd choice to prioritise, but it's significant that it extends the ability's duration beyond the 15-second cooldown on mines. Power Dive gives you a free escape button every ten seconds.


T1 scout build:

Power Dive T2 upgraded (5k req)

Engine Power Converter T2 upgraded (5k req)

Speed Thrusters T3 upgraded (6k req)

Targeting Telemetry T1 upgraded (3k req)

Rocket Pods T2 upgraded (3.5k req)

Laser Cannons T2 upgraded (5.5k req)

All other components as stock


Cost of the build: 28k req

As with the T1 strike, you can buy a crew member if needed.


The principle here is simple: don't stop running. If you take damage, run away, towards team-mates or obstacles you can LoS around. If you're not taking damage, run towards vulnerable looking targets and attack from midrange, using TT and Wingman to ensure you hit. Break off the attack and run away when you come under attack yourself.

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T1 gunship:

LLC (0k)

Slug (to 100% armor pierce, 8.5k)

Ion (to accuracy/tracking 1k)

lightweight armor (1k to unlock, 2.5k to 2nd tier, total 3.5k)

distortion field (1.5k to unlock, 3.5k to cooldown reduction, total 5k)

regen extender (max, 5k)

Jaesa (2.5k)

Total 29k


This is to maintain some general usage in domination (one shot turrets, deal with CP builds). Alternative (ship killer) would be to take slug to 1k talent only, drop lightweight armor, and take Dfield's missile break (which obviously doesn't work right now).


I would run this build sequence if I were playing a new alt starting with zero name recognition. If I knew people knew who I was, I'd take the 2nd variant with DF missile break.

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Flashfire: 5,000

Clusters T1: 1,000

Retro Thrusters T2: 5,000

Booster recharge T2: 5,500

DF T3: 13,500

Everything else stays as is.

Total 5,000 fleet requisition + 25,000 ship requisition.


Next things to go for are turning speed, evasion and BLC with ignore armor. Fleet req would be used for

crew members, depending on class, but standard members are ok to work with.


Edited because I noticed I miscalculated.

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If I am being honest with myself, my first ship on any character that I will deck out is the T1 scout: I just love everything about that ship.


So here is how I would build mine:


Primary: t1 Light Laser Cannon or Laser Cannons (3k)

Secondary: t1 Rocket Pods (1k)

Systems: t1 Targeting Telemetry (3k)

Shields: t2 Distortion Field (5k)

Engine: t2 Power Dive (5k)

Armor: t3 Lightweight (5k)

Engines: t2 Regen (2.5k)

Sensors: t0 Range

Capacitor: t0 Range


Total: 24.5k


Since I didn't spend any fleet req I would buy my +acc/+ammo offensive and my +shield power/+evasion crewmembers and still have some fleet req to spare.


Even if the Distortion Field remains as it is, I find the combo of Distortion Field and Running Interference to be too good to give up. I promise on one of my toons I will create a StE scout and see how I like it, but as it stands the extra evasion from DF is too good to pass up. In a world w/o DF missile break, I think I need the 10s Power Dive to stay alive and still be effective for any extended period of time. I go back and forth on LLCs versus LCs, but I would probably lean more towards LLCs because I have gotten more experienced I find myself at close range more frequently and that is where LLCs shine. I have to have the T1 Rocket Pods: without them I can't take a satellite effectively. With them I can easily knock down all 3 turrets and not take much hull damage since DF and RI will bring evasion up to 75% for blocks of time. I would be a little said that the uptime on my TT was only 33% as opposed to the t3 50%, but thems the breaks.


I would feel perfectly comfortable flying this ship in just about any setting.

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I feel that strikes benefit least from upgrades, and gunships need more than 25k to feel good. Since new players gets a scout and a strike for free, I recommend buying a T2 bomber first, followed by a T1 gunship.


T2 bomber: 24.5k

Heavy Laser Cannon L1 (3k)

Seeker Mine L1 (3k)

Shield Power Converter L2 (3.5k)

Railgun Sentry Drone L1 (3k)

Repair Drone L0 (0k)

Communication Sensors L0 (0k)

Large Reactor L3 (5k)

Reinforced Armor L2 (3.5k)

Regen Extender L2 (3.5k)


T1 gunship: 24.5k

Light Laser L0 (0k)

Slug L4 accuracy (18.5k)

Ion L0 (0k)

Barrel Roll L2 (3.5k)

Feedback Shield L0 (0k)

Comm Sensor L0 (0k)

Regen Reactor L0 (0k)

Reinforced Armor L0 (0k)

Regen Extender L2 (2.5k)


For me, upgrading the "secondary" offence is the priority. A new player should probably take a more balanced path.

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T1 Strike


Ion cannon t1 3 k

HLC t1 1k

Concussion t2 3.5 k

Retro 5 k

Quick charge

Large Reactor 6k

Regen Thrusters 6k

Range Capacitor t1 1 k.

Regen Extenders


25.5 ship

3.75 fleet


29.25/30 k


C2-N2 or Yuun or Blizz or 2V-R8 1.25 k fleet

Nadia or Vector 1.25 k fleet

Qyzen or Jaesa 1.25 k fleet.


Imp side use Salana as copilot, pub side everyone except Yuun is potentially good, I normally go with Nadia. New players might be better off with Kendra for the extra evasion.



Gear-wise priorities after this would be getting Ranged capacitors maxed out, then building to T4 armor piercing on HLCs. Then Ion to t3. Then everything else.

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Week 1:

T1 Scout


MLC t0 2k

SabProbe T4 20.5k

Booster Recharge T0 0k

QCS T0 0k

Power Dive T1 2.5k


Lightweight Armor T0 0k

Range Capacitor T0 0k

Range Sensors T0 0k

Power Thrusters T0 0k


Week 2:


MLC T1 1k

SabProbe T4 0k

Booster Recharge T2 3.5k

DistoField T3 15k

Power Dive T2 2.5k


Lightweight Armor T0 0k

Frequency Capacitor T0 1k

Range Sensors T0 0k

Power Thrusters T1 1k

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I had a really good match in a stock Quarrel:


20 kills, 10 assists, 4 deaths, 86467 damage, lost 40:44




This got me thinking--with 25k to spend, the upgrade path depends. If you solo queue on a busy server (to be matched mostly with newer players), I still recommend to upgrade the slug railgun all the way to L4 (plus some barrel roll and regen extender). If you queue with good pilots against good pilots, go with what the others have said.


This one picture really answers a lot of other threads.


Can you really do well in a stock ship?



Epic match?

Epic to me.


Best losing match?

One of my best.


Record thread encourages rookie-bashing and farming!!!

This came nowhere near a record, but once again proved that most big scores came in close or losing matches.


Is it just me? Are Scouts a bit OP?

Whoever was in that Scout would probably be OP in a Gunship. I for sure cannot get 20 kills in a stock NovaDive or Flashfire.


Why are gunships so OP?

He may have a point. With Gunship, it doesn't take much skill or upgrades to smack newer players around. Against good players though, I'm just as useless in a Gunship as in a Scout.

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