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Revan Reborn Armor Bug / Clipping


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Revan Reborn Armor Set

Female Body Type 1


I just spent an insane amount of real money and a ton of credits to complete my Revan Reborn set. (I'll leave the emotional content of my bug submission out of this but you can imagine what I might be saying right now if I had included that). The set is completely unusable on Female Body Type 1 (small) characters. The cape sits about a foot behind the character and doesn't animate at all with the rest of the body - it clips badly when moving your toon and now what we have; instead of the most amazing armor set in the game, is something that looks so bad and so buggy that I can't use it at all. This bug is easily replicated with any type one female toon according to other people I've talked to but I have specifically tried it on type one human and twillik toons.

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im glad to know im not the only one..

but sad to see this is a definite bugged piece of appearance gear. Im wearing it on my female Rattataki and theres zero cloth simulation from about the shoulders down. It tears and when you run the cape looks like a solid piece being pulled. when you force chage it stretches across the screen and looks terrible.


who did quality control on this? they need to do their job.


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