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Violent by Design(R) Are recruiting! (Tanks and Ranged DPS)


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Greetings noble Republicans and shady Imperials!


Violent by Design is looking to recruit to our operations team in the form of:


Ranged DPS(all classes considered) or



We are in the market for 1-2 players in these roles.


About Us


Violent by Design is a casual-hardcore Republic guild on The Red Eclipse.

Formed shortly before release, Violent by Design has consistently been clearing all the raid content with time to spare, despite keeping sane and family friendly raiding hours(see below)


Raiding Information


Violent by Design believes in quality over quantity when it comes to raiding, and hence runs a two days per week(6 hours total) raiding schedule:


Wednesday 20:15-23.15

Monday 20:00-23.15

(All times are CET)


Our approach to the content though is in a hardcore manner, we expect all raiders to come to raids with the correct specs, augments and gear choices appropriate to get the maximum out of their class.


The guild has a small pool of raiders so naturally an attendance of close to 100% is a requirement should you be looking to apply.


What are we looking for?


People who are dedicated to the PvE aspects of the game and who actively spend their time maximising their performance in this context.

People who play well and adapt well to a team.

People who know their class inside and out.

Players with good raiding gear.

Players who aren't emotionally crippled, Violent by Design tries to be a drama-free and stable guild.


What can you expect?


A successful and long lasting guild.

Free consumables provided by the guild. Stims and Adrenals are all generally provided.


Applying to the guild


We are always on the lookout for social players in addition to our operation requirements so please come and check out http://www.ViolentbyDesign.org or alternatively contact our lovely GM Ru'rik(or Brevlin) or an officer (Greenpiggy) ingame.

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