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Looking for guild, 4 Republic + 4 Imperial characters


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Hello all.

Been playing for a while now and have decided to go on the lookout for a guild thats friendly,dont mind nubbish questions and so on.

Currently i have 4 characters for each side:


Vanduala- Mercenary Level 17.

Alena'sar-Sith Juggernaut Level 18

Sensualis-Operative Level 19

Si're'evensen-Sith Assasin Level 29.



Leelana-Commando Level 29

Liratar-Jedi Shadow Level 29

Savennah-Gunslinger Level 14

B'erena-Jedi Guardian Level 26.


I assume you cant do one guild for both so i am looking for one republic and one imperial guild.

On another note as you can see i havent gotten past level 29 as i probably am playing it wrong


Please reply below or send a pm for a more private conversation

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