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Marauder 3.0 QQ4u


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I was under assumption that at least classes were done right since Revans main quest didn't . Also heard there were more pvpers in the beta. In hopes the changes would be great, but it seems now i've gotten my marauder to 60, playing carnage. My damage isn't entirely different, not a problem I have at all. But no real great tweaks besides battering assault given if you can stay on that target in PvP as a pure damage class with no other options I seem really underwhelmed in this category compared to others.


But for whatever reason pve force camo still gets me hit by mobs even though they've got someone else to hit. It doesn't dump aggro, not sure if that was on purpose or not. But I do not see why it doesn't dump aggro and lets you still get hit in stealth. :rak_02:


PvP wise it's awful, the one root deadly throw is no longer range. So our main root is now melee.. Yay. This really makes it rough fighting a range, with Overrides, or healers force speed perk. That pretty much gets them away, if you can connect the dots again somehow they still have a knock back. Hard stuns, Force barrier, Electro net, and free self heals.

Along with that new gore changes make it feel a little rangy, which I hope were not the intentions then we'd really be the worst dps among all. With beserk i'm not entirely sure gore ravage scream is possible. I know it's not if you get interrupted at any moment of it though. I have yet to free cast that on anyone in pvp yet. Knockback, run aways, stuns too strong :rak_03:

I also noticed the choke changes, channel for 1.5s and rest you can free cast if they don't break it. Leaving you about time to do two ability's if even. Unless i'm missing something i'm pretty sure every class should be able to solo a marauder now even a good one, it kind of sucks.


However i've not seen snipers in pvp yet :rak_04: very happy about this but, i'm sure they can show marauders how they cannot move or leap for the rest of their life though.

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