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<Sith Imperial Navy> Recruiting for all aspects and new content


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Sith Imperial Navy is a mature, relaxed, moderate guild that allows it members the opportunity to experience all endgame content. While we are very much a "RL comes first" guild we continually work on progression and welcome all players that wish to partake in all endgame content but have school, work and family obligations that prevent them from joining a more "Hardcore" guild.


We are currently having an open recruitment for all roles and classes to dive right into the new content.


Guild Highlights.


Pre-launch Guild with stable and approachable leadership.

Mumble Server



Weekly Operations Tuesdays and Fridays starting at 9pm ending at 12am.

Regular PvP / GSF Events

Sociable Environment

Skilled membership that is willing and able to teach/mentor less experienced players.


Contact an Zadeus, Arngrym, Haiiley, Eyvica, Lasseen, Nam'zari, Mitth'slindio, or Leonarrox ingame or leave a message on our website.

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