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Some Saboteur Slow/Stun Math


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So, my main is a saboteur slinger, and though I haven't played much since 3.0 started, I have been reading up on the new discipline changes. My biggest concern (though I can't say if overall the play is better or worse) is having to now hit Sabotage to do the shock charge/incendiary grenade stun. However, I'm wondering how close we get to a stun with those two anyway:


Shock Charge will slow movement speed its target by 30%

Incendiary Grenade will slow those in the area by 70% (not sure if just movement speed but also casting and refresh time)


So if a target has Shock Charge and is in the AoE of Incendiary Grenade, then they suffer both slows. I am wondering if anyone knows how those slows combine?


For example:

1. They are additive: 30%+70% = 100% movement reduction = Root (with possible 70% slowed casting/refresh time)

2. They are multiplicative: 30%*70% = 21% (i.e. 79% movement reduction)


In either event, combining this with our reduced activation time of 1s for the XS Flyby should make it difficult for at least our target to get out of the AoE blast in time.


Curious if anyone has any experience with this yet.

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They don't stack at all. If someone is affected by both only the strongest will have an effect (in this case that means a 70% slow). The target already being being affected by the stronger one won't prevent the application of the weaker, but the weaker won't have any effect until the target is rid of the stronger. Also, Incendiary Grenade only slows movement speed. As of right now there is no mechanic in the game to increase cast times beyond regular castbar pushback.
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