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Exinferno Looking for new Members


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Good evening everyone,


Ex Inferno is looking for dedicated members who are loyal to a guild, we are a very friendly community who loves playing games. Ex inferno is looking for members of the republic and sith community to help build the fundamentals we need to start ops. We are looking for those individuals ready to gear and help gear our community, and those of you who are looking for some stabilization. We are a diverse community of players from all around the world and one of the best parts of this community is that we are a multigaming community. We welcome all, New or veterans. We do have an age limit to our guild and that is please be 18+ due to maturity reasons. Other than that we are willing to welcome you to our guild. Please visit our website and feel free to contact Cntrl or myself for more information.





As always, may the force be with you (or serve you)


Very Respectfully,



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