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Looking for rp players and/or guild


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Well , the title says it all :). For guildmasters who are recruiting I want to precise these little things about me so that you may know better if I fit your requirements or not :


- I'm a family man so I won't be able to do hardcore gaming nor being here at every single event.

- I live in Indonesia.

- I'm obviously not a native english speaker so please forgive me if I ever do any grammatical or syntax mistake.

- I'm an experienced role-player (tabletop rpgs and then rp on french server of wow and then us servers of dc universe online for quite a while). I'm looking for rp on "say" channel rather than stuff with full paragraphs on a private channel or anything like that. It's interesting but way too much time consuming for me and it won't be fun for you if I must leave in the middle of every single 5 hour rp session because I have to pick-up my daughter or because she's asking to watch me maim some flower bleeding sirian werebulls (Serious Sam players know what I'm talking about).

- I'm not a living star wars encyclopedia. I know the basics and will do my best to stick with my field of knowledge. I finished the first kotor though and know more or less who characters like Darth Bane or Ajunta Pall are but that's it.

- Don't worry my characters are not named "Darth Frodon" and are not the fruit of forbidden relationship between Skeletor and Galvatron who fell into a dimensional rift leading directly to Korriban.

- My characters don't cut your head off with their ultra-powerful godlike powers.

- I mainly play Empire even though I plan to create jedi characters too.


That should be it. I hope to have the pleasure to play with you all soon!

Oh, also for now I have a sith inquisitor named Noehola and a empire agent named Caly'Sett. By any mean, don't hesitate to try and interact if you cross their path I don't bite :).

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