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Is there really such a thing as casual PVP or GSF


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I have been around since early access with no breaks and I have tried every aspect of the game. I am an experienced OPs PVE'r and dabbled in PVP and GSF. Now not that I'm getting tired of OP's but I liked PVP and GSF a lot as well however I find there is no way you can really survive in PVP/GSF unless you completely devote to it unlike OPs where you can be a casual OPs player. I mean I do OK in some battles but for the most part it's just me reloading at the spawn point cuz people who play all the time are just so damn good.


Is there anyway we could have a more matchable system where people who can devote that amount of time to the game get to have acceptable queue times and people who want to just PVP/GSF for a night don't have their evening wasted by being farmed by pros?


P.S. no offence to the pros. Your doing what you are doing.

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