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We Need Authenticator Options!


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Hello to anyone here on the forums ( Or on the Dev team) who would care to listen to my plea.


We, as users (subscribers, and FTP's) need more options with authenticator's. sure, there is the physical key.... but for a clumsy and loss prone individual like myself, that is not an option. There is also an android app, however, after 6 years of android cellular use I have lost my trust and faith in that platform for my own personal use. (everyone has their preferences, I'm not here to insult anyone's choices or prized cellular devices. They just aren't for me.)


Anyway, these options obviously leave me stuck, I own one android device (a nexus 7) and use it for the soul purpose as a security key for SWTOR. This is extremely inconvenient as I rarely carry the device on me, so if I want to play SWTOR while I am at a friends house, or on lunch at work and forgot my tablet. that leaves me stuck.



Here is my request, my plea, heck... my cry. please....Please....PLEASE make an authenticator app for SWTOR on the Windows Phone 7/8/8.1 platforms. Heck, throw IOS in there too so all SWTOR users deserve to have the option to use the hardware configurations of their choice for their authenticator's.


As mentioned in a previous listing by another SWTOR user, blizzard has an authenticator on Windows Phone, frankly though I am no fan of blizzard so this is a moot point for me. However for many other's, that is a valid comparison and precedent to refer to and contrast against your own applications availability.


Anyway, to anyone who took the time to read, thanks for listening. Bio Ware, Devs, EA, Lucas arts... Whoever needs to read this.... PLEASE make a Authenticator App for my platform of choice (Windows phone 7/8/8.1) so that I may enjoy my SWTOR experience to the fullest, without needing to remove my Authenticator when I lose or forget my Android.


Thanks again, and may the Force be with you!

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Nothing will ever allow you to have two authentication generators on the same account, it has to be one or the other.


Windows Phone apps have been asked for before, and usually get negative answers from the developers. The market is too small and the development cost is too high. If you search the forums, you will get links to previous responses.

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