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Weren't we supposed to lose damage potential in 3.0?


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I logged on my Operative and spec'd concealment to try it out and my Ranged (Pri) damage went up a full 100 damage or so. I kill things faster now than before 3.0 even without my new ability.


Just did Oricron and golds and champs die faster.


Does this reduction in damage only affect 56-60 or perhaps only the very top end gear? I have a mix if 162, 168 and 180 gear.

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my damage increased also, THANK U... lol


i am really worried about the noobish feel the game has now... Lego game is much harder.


Make it more difficult!!!!! Or else many will leave for sure.


its a game with a confidense that u never die, i kill 2 massasi at once.... or 4-5-10 mobs with just one light storm.


they did really nice work with the world design, yavin and rishi island 2, is my favs... music also, it played one of my favs across the stars, story...


but ..


ps: it really includes this music song and its fantastic..

It played during a conversation with my sorc and lana beniko

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