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[SPOILERS][BUG] Quest: The Enemy Within (almost) impossible to finish


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So this quest is impossible to finish. I get to the part to defeat the person in the instance. When said person gets to the mechanic part of the quest, it bugs and said person keeps attacking and does not go into the phase of the mechanic that is required to continue the fight. Said person kills everyone in the instance and then you have to reset the instance if you die, or at this point now I am over 2 min for droid...


It's bad enough that it looks like there is not enough XP to hit 60 (I think this is the last quest), as I have used XP boost the entire time and still need almost 1 million XP to get to 60...


So the expansion is completely bugged at the end AND not enough XP to hit cap. HTF can you call this an expansion!


EDIT: So I managed to get the quest to finish because it did not phase into the mechanic part of the fight...

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