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Don't know why I bothered logging in today


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I've been trying to do the Korriban flashpoint for almost an hour. Currently I'm at the academy door, and it's like watching some weird kind of dance. Every five or ten seconds the enemies change positions randomly, and occasionally an attack goes off. If I press a button, two or three seconds later something happens, maybe.


Seriously, this is unplayable. If not for the combat support droid, I doubt I would have gotten past the first group of enemies. I guess you forgot to do any stress testing, huh? Obsessed with statistics as you are, it shouldn't come as a surprise that thousands upon thousands of players would hit the Forged Alliances flashpoints at once. I guess this is partially my fault too; I've never been in an online game launch that has gone smoothly, so I don't know why I expected this to be any different.


I'll suffer through the rest of the flashpoint since I'm this far and log off to do something else. I just hope the entire early access period won't turn out to be for nothing.

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