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Returning player looking for HM raiding guild for 3.0 (AUS/NZ/Late night US times)


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Hello all,


I have recently started playing SWTOR again after taking a years break. Since the new xpac is coming up I am looking forward to gearing up and doing HM raids with a guild. I have changed servers and recently leveled a Powertech up to 55. I am not sure on if I'm going to play as a tank or a DPS, I have experience in both so depending on the guilds needs I will gear accordingly when 3.0 hits. On other characters I cleared most of the previous raids on HM and some on NiM. Although I want to do HM content and hopefully some NiM stuff eventually, I don't have time for 5 days a week of progression raiding.


I can make raids starting around 7-10 PST.


Thanks in advance,


- Zyrakk

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