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Ideas to Improve Hutt Ball


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Sorry if some of these have been posted before...


Firstly, Hutt Ball is a sport match, it should be treated as such


What they need to do to improve matches -


Change the stat/scoreboard to reflect team work and scoring... You can still have dps, healing, tanking... But they should be a the bottom of the rewards


Add titles and achievements that make sense... Not kills etc... Maybe things like -

Pass Master - requires- The Most Pass achievement, the longest pass achievement, ball collector, most catches

Master Scorer - requires all of the above - plus, something like The most score achievement

Other tiltes - Support Master - for tanks, healers, dps - requires, protecting the ball carrier achievement (must be within 40m of the ball carrier while doing so, this where the dps stats should come from) protecting the Respawn

Master Defender - name says it all

Flame master - pushing people with the ball into the flame and killing them

There could be so many more...

Once you achieve all the titles, you get Emporer of Hutt Ball title or something like it


Next, change the queue system to a Hutt Ball queue, Node Queue, Arena queue

Introduce a Hutt Ball League - we know the developers are actually interested in this

Add Hutt Ball to Ranked

Also, by splitting the queues, people who plan on doing Ranked, wether Arena or Hutt Ball ranked ;) , could practice, people who want to death match could do more arena, which would also improve Node WZs

To combat people only queuing for one type, add daily/weekly quests for each type, have a weekly "hero" WZ that changes weekly, also have a random queue which gives a special bonus for queuing and finishing with a win

Remove the respwn timer in Hutt Ball or at least reduce it... It's a sport... How many ball passing/kicking sports penalise a player and sideline them for getting tackled... Could you imagine soccer with that system?


A lot of these suggestions have been mentioned else where in the forums, some are mine, some are others... They seem simple enough to implement...

Please only add ideas on improving the matches, don't turn the thread I to a WZ... we want the developers to take PVP seriously


Some feed back from the developers would be good

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That might be good too.. But maybe a bit harder to implement


It would just be a cosmetic overlay, like how certain headwear replaces the head model. Keeping the stats of our current armor, but replace the visuals with the respective team's armor.

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