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what's happening to the old OPSat 60?


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question, what are you doing with ops like KP and EV and EC at the 60 cap? are we going to be able to enjoy these at 60 also? and have them scaled up and low geared/level players above 60 bolstered for them?


also what sort of comms will they drop? same as now?


There has been no mention by the Developers of any re-scaling of the existing operations to a higher character level. I would therefore expect the Level 50 and 55 operations to remain at those levels.


Any boss drops will likely stay the same, except that anything that dropped Classic commendations would instead drop Basic commendations.


I would expect the Weekly Classic operations mission will change for Level 60 players to be related to the Level 55 operations and not the Level 50 ones.

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