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The Ebon Enclave is recruiting!


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The Ebon Enclave is casual PVE/PVP imperial guild with a guild ship and fair amount of social, english speaking members. We are actively raiding at least 3 times a week (Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday ~18:30 GMT) and daily pvp groups.


Currently we are looking for active players for raiding groups for upcoming 3.0 operations, especially ranged dps and a few healers for 16 man raids, but we will happily welcome everybody willing to do some casual pvp, conquest or any end-game content.


What do we want from you:

  • positive attitude!
  • at least basic understanding of English (duh!)
  • willingness to learn new tactics and stuff
  • presence on TS server during raids, at least to listen!

What we can offer:

  • friendly, relaxed atmosphere; no elitism among members
  • guild TS3 server and website
  • guild ship access and conquest events
  • 3 raids a week
  • daily pvp groups
  • crafting and gearing help


If you are interested visit our website: http://dreamweb.enjin.com/


or contact somebody ingame: Aurahli, Jiljoo'anu, Toranos, Ghoststrike, Jedzia, Sarriss, Sitver or other guild members

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