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Any info on reusables in 3.0 for biochem?


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Aren't you just a ray of sunshine?

Reusable biochem = something useful

Non-reusable biochem = wait... why the hell would they get rid of it?


AFAIk, they aren't getting rid of reusable biochem stuff -- anything you have should still work. It doesn't look like they are adding any *new* ones, but reusables aren't BiS now, so they will remain not-BiS in 3.0.


As to why they are doing this, maybe it's because purple items use purple mats, and having the purple items be reusable makes the purple mats less valuable, and *a lot* of people complained about the low value of purple [Diplomacy] mats.


If Level 60 purple BC items aren't reusable in 3.0, they can become BiS (over the blues), and they (and the purple mats used to make them) will achieve a value on par with the purples from other crew skills.

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