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The next and only "class mission" titles in SoR... Wish list


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So I as thinking maybe bring some titles out that we should have gotten from beta and new ones that we should have got as soon as the story ends


Bounty hunter- <name> the mandalorain warrior

Bounty hunter- <name> the dishonorable


Jedi knight - general <name>

Jedi knight-


Trooper- general <name>



Sith warroir- <name> the emperors wraith

Sith warrior- <name> the light in the dark


Sith inquisitor- <name> keeper of the dead

Sith inquisitor-


Imperial agent- shadow agent <name>

Imperial agent- <name> the free mind


Smuggler- kingpin <name>

Smuggler- Republic hero <name>


Jedi consulor- ambassador <name>

Jedi consulor-


Keep in mind I will edit the others but I have not done certain storys light/dark so I can't think of good titles for an alignment that I didnt play.


Feel free to add your own titles.

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