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Operative DPS PvP Guidance Please!


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Heya! TL;DR Are Operatives underwhelming in PvP? Is there something I could be doing better?


So, I'm leveling my last toon to 55. Woo! Enjoying the agent story line, too! But, I noticed something in low tier PvP... I wasn't really comparing well with the other classes I pvp with (Powertech, Sorceress, and Juggernaut are my top 3). On my other characters, I felt like a threat in PvP. I take time to learn rotations, strategies for playing the class, gear, ect. But, on my Operative, I feel more like an annoying bug. I pop out of stealth, pop offensive CDs and abilities, and the other person usually is left with about half HP if they don't stun me. From here, I can 1v1 them down, but that rarely happens in PvP. Usually, I get ganged up on and have to pop in-combat stealth. Makes me feel more like a pest than anything.


On my PT, I can grapple someone to me, and burst them down to about 1/3 health and easily take them down from there while not worrying too much about death. Sorceress, I can put DOT's on everyone with some work, DF hits hard, and unlimited lightning them to quickly whittle away their health. Juggernaut has surprisingly high single target DPS, and enough defensive CDs that dying is hardly an issue. And, force push/leap combo is great, and Force Choke is nice for controlling the fight.


What does the Operative really have? Stealth? Stealth scans and detection hurts this. And, I don't fell like they can burst well enough to be a threat. Fighting them while alone (rarely alone in PvP) can be annoying with their stuns...


I pop out of stealth, do as much DPS as I can, then either try to slink away again, or end up just chasing the person while I stab them. Usually, they just ignore me while I do this.


Please know that I'm only level 40 on my Operative! I just bought the pvp set. I'm not saying this is a bad class, I think it's something I'm doing wrong.


Any help is appreciated! Or, if this class just doesn't excel well in PvP, please let me know your thoughts! I always thought an Operative would be super bursty, front loading all damage, then stealth away. But, since my PT is more bursty, I don't know if that's how this class plays.

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Thanks for the replies! I tried a few things... Then! I tried rolling a Sniper. I find Sniper to be more of what I thought/hope Operative would be.


I keep reading that DPS Operatives should play Lethal spec. I already play Pyro PT and Madness Sorc, I don't really want anoter DOT based class. Want more of a high damage single target class.


Operative is a lot of fun, though! And, I'll likely try again in the near future after 3.0. But, I'll level as Sniper to get my agent (last one!!) story fix. Sniper has the high single target damage style I was wanting. And, is surprisingly hard to kill in PvP...


I do appreciate the responses!! And, hope everyone enjoys their DPS Operative! I'm going to miss stabbing people with swords, haha.

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