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Don't Feed Ewoks After Midnight [OPEN] Republic


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Deadly forests of Endor are real deal! Only the strongest, most fearsome warriors can endure fighting creatures hidden in the depths of it. Thats us! Our little village is looking for new members. Yes we are newly created. Yes we have nothing, but a smile and a pair of pants to offer for you! We are ambitious, we want to shake the ground of the republic, become something more than just "mean-to-an-end-guild". Don't Feed Ewoks After Midnight need you now!


Are You tired of 500members guilds where there are only 5people online?

Are You tired of VIP ops groups that don't even open their mouth to You on chat like You were lesser being?

Do You feel like You want to be part of community, help build something from scratch, with your blood, sweat and tears?


This guild is going definetley be a challenge - i will not deny it. But i belive sacrifice and hard work is going to pay off.


Website: under construction


Contact in game: Wookiewonka, Derpceptor, T-force, Raf'ael, Chisspie or any member that You might meet at our ranks.


UPDATE FROM 05.12.2014

We grow, 85members at the moment, 15-20ish online, stronghold starts looking like stronghold and we are starting to earn money for ship since our guild bank is setup

May the force be with you, cyu in game!

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