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Possible minor dialogue bug: Inquisitor Class quest on Nar Shaddaa


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Not 100% sure if this is a bug but this line just seemed really weird.


Nar Shaddaa

Inquisitor Class quest "The Final Act"

Final dialogue (if you killed the cult leader) choice #2 "And don't let them forget it." (after NPC saying the cult now looks up to you)


The actual spoken/subtitled line is "See you shortly." (at least for female)


This seemed to make no sense in the context of the conversation. I was wondering it it might be a mis-linked clip/string. of course if the line was never recorded then that would be harder to fix, but I have to wonder if there might be several if not many generically intimidating lines spoken by an Inquisitor that could be substituted.


Obviously not a critical bug but maybe also an easy fix.

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