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Help with cross comparison for class selection, please!


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Okay, so a bunch of friends are all moving to SWTOR from World of Warcraft and I'm having a fairly difficult time figuring out which class I'll enjoy playing the most. I would try all of the classes if I wasn't so hard pressed for time being a college student and all. I play a Windwalker Monk in wow and have for about a year and a half. It is the one class that I have stuck with since I started playing it.


So my question is this: What class, if any, in SWTOR resembles the Windwalker Monk the closest in terms of play style?


I mostly arena and play at 2k+ rating in wow, so a comparison to that style of play would be most effective. I am fully aware that this is a completely different game and what I am asking may not be possible, but it still does not hurt to ask.


I have searched online for the past few days and really haven't been able to find any comparisons regarding the monk, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read/respond to this thread!



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Thank you for responding, this question was more directed towards those who have moved over from wow. However, to answer your question.


Windwalker Monks are a DPS spec, that is not capable of stealth. They are a highly mobile, burst melee dps class that has an energy/chi system. They use energy to build chi and use chi to deal dps. Their high mobility contributes to high survivability, as well as their utilty. It is an extremely unique class to say the least, which is why I wonder if it's possible for anything similar to be in this game.


To go into specifics would take a lot of time and work, my best suggestion would be to check out a video on the gameplay.


Thanks in advance for your time!

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I would suggest Sentinel/Marauder, or possibly Vigilance/Vengeance Guardian/Juggernaut for a slightly less mobile but slightly more durable version. For Burst, you might want to go Concentration/Fury (currently named Focus/Rage, but that will change in a week), which also has a nice area attack.
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I agree that a sentinel / marauder would probably be the closest to what you describe (all claims of senthealing, senttanking, and sentstealth aside ... :rolleyes:), though I'd suggest going for Focus (from next week, Concentration) / Rage (from next week, Fury) first, then respeccing into Combat / Carnage around level 30 or so. The former is really an AoE burst spec, while Combat / Carnage focuses around dealing massive single-target burst DPS in brief windows separated by filler.


Another option would be Scrapper Scoundrel (punch things!) / Concealment Operative (shiv things!), which are also a burst DPS class with a heavy focus on stealth and backstabbing, but seem to have a similar energy system to the one you describe. Scoundrels / Operatives use certain abilities (fueled by regenerating Energy) to build Upper Hand / Tactical Advantage, which they exchange for their more powerful abilities. In addition to that, you get off-heals and the option to sneak past a lot of enemies.

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Come 3.0, Concentration/Fury is taking over the single target burst DPS role from Combat/Carnage, which is becoming a midway between sustained and burst instead, which is why I suggested it that way. Learning Ataru only to have to lose all your selling points to Shii-cho shortly afterwards wouldn't be ideal.
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Thank you all for the input, I will give both the Marauder/Juggernaut a shot. I got pre-ordered the expansion so this exp makes leveling pretty quickly. At least quick enough to be able to try both before the experience is removed.
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Looking through a guide on a windwalker monk, I decided to look at all the abilities and make comparisons to live things.


(Spoilered it so you can jump ahead to my conclusion if you want)





"Deals damage, and causes all enemies close enough to take 20% more damage for 15 seconds"

The closest we have to this is Cascading Power/Heightened Power, found in:






"Deals damage, and causes your attacks to ignore armor by 30% for 20 seconds"



This is similar to Acid Blade/Flechette round, which is a buff that is currently active but becomes passive in 3.0.

This buff works as follows:


"Using Backstab/Backblast poisons the target for 6 seconds/causes the target to bleed over 6 seconds, and increases your armor penetration by 30% for 15 seconds"


Next up: Tigereye Brew


"Using 4 chi generates 1 stack of tigereye brew. You can not have more than 20 stacks of this at a time. You can use the ability to consume up to 10 stacks and increase damage dealt and healing dealt by 6% for each stack for 15 seconds"


This is a very difficult one to think of, the best I can come up with is:


Centering/[i can't remember the marauder passive]


Whenever you use an ability that consumes focus/rage, you generate 2 stacks of Centering/(ill only say centering from now on). This stacks up to 30 times. Can be increased to 4 stacks of centering through another passive picked up later (3.0)/in the Watchman/Annihilation tree (2.X)



Uses 30 stacks of centering to do a spec dependent thing (rapidly generate focus/rage - Concentration/Fury, increase alacrity (haste) - Combat/Carnage, or cause a bunch of auto-crits on bleeds - Watchman/Annihilation). Also, with the 4-piece PvE set bonus/4-piece level 60 set bonus, it increases your damage dealt by 4% for 15 seconds.




If behind the target, deals X damage and then 30% of X damage over 4 seconds. If in front of the target, deals X damage and then heals you for 30% of the target done.


Behind the target acts like Backstab/Backblast from Concealment/Scrapper

In front of the target acts like Leeching Strike/Serenity Strike from Hatred Assassins/Serenity Shadows



We have nothing like that, sorry




We don't really have anything like that, though there are 2 abilities that work off a process of you generate stacks as you do damage, and these can all be consumed by an ability. These are:





Has a variety of effects depending on stance. If in Surging Charge/Shadow Technique, it does decent elemental damage multiplied by the number of stacks it has. It will only gain stacks if in Surging Charge/Shadow technique, and gets a charge whenever the stance activates. Peaks at 3 charges.




(3.0 Only)


Using High Impact Bolt/Rail Shot or your out of combat recharge skill builds up energy lodes. These can be consumed to do very high energy tech damage to the target. Uses 20 energy.

Requires High Energy Cell/High Energy Gas Cylinder.


On to defensive cooldowns:




Only comparison is found on the Vigilance Guardian/Vengeance Juggernaut


The entire Class has the ability Enure/Endure Pain, which increases maximum health by 30% for 10 seconds, however that specific spec gets a passive in the tree which also causes you to have 15% more damage reduction while it is active.




Once again, Guardian/Juggernaut, this time with the defensive cooldown Saber Reflect. Note this does not work on melee attacks or AoE attacks, and only lasts 3 seconds, but on the other hand its damage it absorbs is not capped, only the reflected damage is. The reflected damage is capped per tick, not total, so if you are going to take 10k hits of 200 damage and you pop reflect, you just did 10 million damage to whatever was stupid enough to attack you with that.


Zen Meditation


I can't think of a defensive cooldown that is exactly like that:

Sorcs + Sages have their GOD bubble, which behaves very similarly except its a complete immunity followed by a shield which absorbs damage and provides interrupt immunity, but other than that, nothing really


Finally, I skipped a bit on the guide and got to the last bit:




Roll is in SWTOR, but only on the Smuggler/Imperial Agent class. It behaves differently for the Advanced classes:


Gunslingers/Snipers - Rolls 18 meters and puts you in cover. 20 second cooldown

Operative/Scoundrel - Rolls 12 meters, or 6 if you are slowed, and gives you a buff that lasts 10 seconds. If you use roll again while you have the buff, Roll is put on a 10 second cooldown. Otherwise, it has no cooldown.


Unlike ROLL in WoW, roll in SWTOR is on the GCD, but it typically has talents that improve it.




HEAL - Nothing

CONCEALMENT/SCRAPPER - While rolling, you can not take damage

LETHALITY RUFFIAN - Rolling gives you a proc that makes your casted baseline heal (3.0 onwards) no longer cost anything, and activate instantly.




After rolling, you activate the ability Hunker Down for 6 seconds, which makes you CC immune and can be talented to provide 60% AoE Damage reduction



You drop very powerful explosives behind you while you roll away. An enemy can only be hit by 2 of these from any given roll, and the AoE is very small



You drop a corrosive mine/Incendiary mine at the location you were before you rolled. This mine does internal/elemental damage over time to anything caught in it, and slows it by 70%. Lasts 8 seconds.





Overall (when compared to a windwalker monk):



1st place: Fury Marauder/Concentration Sentinel

2nd place: Rage Juggernaut/Focus Guardian

3rd place: Concealment Operative/Scrapper Scoundrel



1st place: Vengeance Juggernaut/Vigilance Guardian

2nd place: Rage Juggernaut/Focus Guardian

3rd place: Pyrotech Powertech/Plasmatech Vanguard (It was a tough choice but I went with that because adrenaline rush sort-of works like fortifying brew, in that it keeps you from dropping below 35% health for 8 seconds and provides extra damage reduction while active, while it also has damage reflect capabilities)



1st place: Concealment Operative/Scrapper Scoundrel (rolling and rolling and rolling and...)

2nd place: Rage Juggernaut/Focus Guardian (I noticed windwalker monks had a bunch of leaping abilities as well, and this is the jumpiest class)

3rd place: Fury Marauder/Concentration Sentinel


Since only 1 discipline actually made it onto all 3 lists, I would highly recommend a Guardian or a Juggernaut.


Key reasons:


Cascading Power/Heightened Power similar to the damage buff passive you have to keep up

Powerful defensives that are similar to your ones you are used to

Lots of mobility

The 30% Armor pen buff you have to keep up on your Windwalker monk is baseline for a Focus Guardian/Rage Jugg


The honorable mentions (and good idea for alt classes) are a Sentinel or Marauder in Concentration/Fury, and an Operative or Scoundrel in Concealment/Scrapper

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Very descriptive and extremely helpful write up. Thank you for taking the time to do the comparison, it helps me visualize things much better. So a Marauder or Juggernaut, huh? I guess in reality I'll make both and see which one I like better. I've already got both of them created with a Jugg at 31, working on the Marauder.


Thank you again for the very helpful information, It is greatly appreciated!

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I'd go with carnage marauder as the closest based off your and Tac's write-ups of the windwalker monk.


They sound like a highly mobile burst class and that's pretty much what the carnage spec is. Ataru form is the acrobatic light saber form. They spend their "chi" (fury) for a speed and defense boost. They have an attack called gore that gives 100 percent armor penetration for (what will be) 3 seconds after using it. It's on a 15 second CD but can also come off CD sooner with a proc. They also have a talent called frenzied sabers that grants a 2% melee and ranged defense buff and damage reduction for successful off hand attacks, stacks up to 3 times. They can also spend their "chi" (fury) for a.... haste spell (berserk), that lowers the global cooldown to where the marauder can fit in more attacks than his opponent in the same time window.


Parts of the monk also sound a bit like Annihilation marauders, especially with the dot's granting health back. That's exactly what Anni is built around; dotting people up, hitting berserk and making those dot's critical hits. For every critical hit the Anni Marauder will gain a percentage of health back. The Juyo form stacks also sound a little bit like that monk as well.


Then of course Rage/Fury spec Tac already covered, so no need to say much more here other than they also get a second leap ability which makes them feel quite mobile too.


All in all I think the marauder class itself is probably the closest to this monk, though with parts of it spread out among the three trees.

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For the building/spending similarity it's the warrior/knight class 1:1


These classes have good mobility but you have more mobility going juggernaut/guardian because of more leaps. A juggernaut has 1 attack leap and 1 friendly leap (which is a heal too with gear) and you can spec into a third leap in rage spec. The rage spec will be very mobile with very good burst and the juggernaut has probably the best defensive in the game (enraged defense is like a second life, saber reflect, saber ward, endure pain).


For a more faster kind of similar play style go marauder/sentinel. They feel more mobile and have in combat stealth but are more difficult to play. Average defensive cool downs (used to have the best ones before a nerf).


For a mobile burst spec I would recommend assassin or operative though. They have a different resource system but both have stealth and restealth the op has rolls the assassin force speed. Assassin is one of the best PVp specs right now.


For fun and excitement I would go marauder/sentinel, then assassin/shadow, then juggernaut/guardian.

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For the building/spending similarity it's the warrior/knight class 1:1


Not really. Warrior / Knight builds their resources the same way WoW's warrior's do. What monks seem to do is basically use a regenerating pool to build stacks of Chi from which they do real damage -- in other words, it's closer to the Operative / Scoundrel's Tactical Advantage / Upper Hand (in a spend-for-damage way) or perhaps the Concentration / Fury mechanic of the Sentinel / Marauder (in a spend-for-buffs way).

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