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HM/NiM raid team looking for experienced healer


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Legion of Doom is a progression team within the <pandamonium> gaming community. We are currently looking for an operative or sorc healer with experience in the role to join us for HM progression in 3.0. We raid wed/sun 8:45-11:30 est. In current content we are 5/5 NM DF. We have been retooling our team for 3.0 and are in need of a healer, and we do ask for experience. We are looking for someone who is personable (we generally have a lot of fun on our raid) but also commited to downing HM content when 3.0 drops and NiM content from df/dp as well as the new NiM content when it launches. As application to the pandamonium guild on the raiding toon would be required, we also have to ask or 21+ only.


Thank you for your time,



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