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Achievements After Server Transfer


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All legacy achievements, to include everything from planets to pvp achievements are all 0% following transferring my character to a different server to rejoin my friends.


Had I known it would wipe my achievements and game history, I likely would not have paid to have my character transferred.


Can those please be restored? I filed an in-game ticket, but was told it would have to be corrected in an upcoming patch. That is hard news to take, given I paid money for a game subscription and paid for a character transfer--yet get punished instead.


Why are those unable to be restored?


I really would entertain an answer, at least instead of a blanket email ticket response saying you cannot do anything.

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Yea, I lost everything. Everything went back to 0%. It is horrible.


I did an in-game ticket, and was told THEY CANT FIX IT. Apparently they are hoping to fix it in an upcoming patch, but don't have the ability currently.




Waste of money. Don't do it.

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