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*Important* Any items that you have purchased prior to 3.0 that have a refund timer w


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Are you killing the refund timer on any item that has been purchased when 3.0 launches?

Yes. It means what it says. If you have a stack of pvp weapons, those items will become non-refundable when 3.0 hits. So, you can't use the pvp weapon/speeder trick to have comms carry over to 3.0 and instantly buy a new set of gear. Sorry. :(




Here's what I'm going to do: level from 55 to 60 doing only warzones, stack comms using the weapon trick, hit 60 and get a full set or close to it. If you have a stack of weapons currently, convert as many of them as you can into ranked and regular comms. The rest...well, that sucks.

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