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Othe Stronghold Decor


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More decor options that are not from cartel packs.


We have an achievements list already made and some acheivments already reward cartel coins but not a lot of them so why not offer some more stronghold decor thru that as rewards make doing the acheivments more worth while.


Maybe republic or imperial decor for doing the republic or imperial kills on planets.


Or once gettin 100% for a planet or location acheivments getting a decor item like a painting of something iconic from that planet.


Maybe rare weapons that are able to be wall mountable given from the acheivments for killing NPCs


Would be nice to have more paintings to throw on our walls.


But we need more decor for strongholds that aren't cartel market that you have to work to get create more reasons for players to play also make these items not bound to legacy either so the people who work hard to get them can also choose to sell them. They are just house decor so who cares if they sell the items good for them.

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