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Imperial Company is recruiting on Ebon Hawk


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The Imperial Company is a PvP and Roleplay mix group on the Ebon Hawk server, where the administration of the guild is completely roleplay. We are looking for mature, very organized people who are at least level 10 or higher. Members are expected to have at least a little understanding of how the components of the game work (i.e.) Warzone, Conquest, etc. The Imperial Company is a new guild, with only two others currently in it. Therefore, there will be many openings for the position of Black Councilor, provided that the applicant is at least at level 30 (see the description for Black Councilor below).


We are organized into the following ranks:


The Black Consul The Black Consul is the leader of the guild, with the final say-so in all actions and matters in the guild. The commands of the Black Consul are absolute and final, rendering all other commands from officers null and void. In guild events or actions, the Black Consul will act as the "Supreme General" on the field, but may delegate this task to another member if he or she sees fit. The Black Consul is the only person who is able to remove members from the guild.


Sephirus is currently the Black Consul of the Imperial Company.


The Black Councilors The Black Councilors are the direct advisors to the Black Consul. The position of Black Councilor is appointed by the Black Consul, and there may be more than one. This rank was created originally for the founders of the Imperial Company. This title is the highest honor that the Black Consul will bestow upon the guild members. These are the most trusted players to the Black Consul. Due to this trust, when the Black Consul is not present, then a Black Councilor may act on behalf of the Black Consul if they see fit. Finally, when the Black Consul resigns or is otherwise unable to fulfill his or her duties, a successor will be chosen from amongst the Black Councilors.


The Lord Marshal The Lord Marshal commands guild actions (acts of the guild as a whole), and may appoint Generals of the Imperial Company (Generals have the same authority as the Lord Marshal in his or her absence). The Lord Marshal will be appointed by the Black Consul. The ideal person for this position is loyal to the Black Consul, is militaristic and orderly, and likes to strategize and coordinate.


The Lord Enforcer The Lord Enforcer is primarily responsible for ensuring that the commands of the Black Consul are being carried out, as well as to ensure that all rules of the guild are being obeyed. Futhermore, the Lord Enforcer will ensure that ranks are respected and obeyed (i.e. private ignoring or disobeying orders from a commanding or ranking officer). This is the person who will receive all complaints of disobedience to guild rules or insubordination.


Generals The Generals of the Imperial Company are members who are at least level 30 and have displayed their prowess in ability to strategize during guild activities. Generals are given appropriate leeway in leading guild actions at the discretion of the Lord Marshal.


Captains The Captains of the Imperial Company are members who are at least level 20 and have displayed enough commitment and trustworthiness to recruit others to the guild, and lead small guild actions (such as flashpoints, warzone, etc).


Private A Private in the Imperial Company has proven battle worthiness and has been accepted as a valuable asset to the guild.


Ensign Ensigns are newly recruited members who have yet to prove their commitment or loyalty to the guild.


Again, we take our ranks and roleplay VERY seriously, so if this doesn't interest you, then the Imperial Company is not the guild for you. If you are interested, then please feel free to contact Sephirus on the Ebon Hawk server.


"Peace is a lie,

there is only passion.

Through passion, I gain strength.

Through strength, I gain power.

Through power, I gain victory.

Through victory, my chains are broken; the force shall set me free."

-The Sith Creed

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