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Hateful Entity Question

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it doesnt. you will only need 1 person with 1 orb and u can re summon it till you get tired




The orb will never go on cooldown for the person who possesses it as long as they have The Hateful Presence targeted when they use the orb (i.e. they don't mistakenly trigger the orb when they have nothing targeted). For example, either of the following two scenarios will work.

  1. Bob the Sniper has an orb he won ten months ago on a clear of The Dreadful Entity. He brings that old bound orb to your run. Your group can skip the Dreadtooth and Dreadful Entity stages and move straight into the nightmare S&V phase to prepare to summon The Hateful Entity. Bob will be able to summon The Hateful Entity as many times as you need.
  2. No one in your 16-man group already has an orb. Your group kills The Dreadful Entity and you take the orb drop for yourself. There is no need to trade the orb to different people during its bind timer. You can just keep summoning The Hateful Entity yourself for as many times as your group needs.

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