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Three, possibly four people, looking for a 3.0 HM/NiM guild


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So let's have another go at this.


Myself as primarily a tank. a friend of mine who is DPS, and another friend who is a healer/dps, are looking for a weekend group planning to raid HM as soon as 3.0 hits. Looking for a guild that has ambitions to run NiM content when released in 3.0 as well.


As experiences, all of us us are currently NiM experienced. Two of us are 3/5 in DF NiM (I'm sick of saying only 3/5, like, who's 3/5?) and one is 4/5 DF and 3/5 DP NiM. But we are looking to 3.0. high end raiding.


We primarily run on weekends, barring holidays or occasions, as that's how our schedule allows it. We are in the U.S. so we can't really join an APAC group (I know that puts like thousands of raiding guilds out of the question, it sucks.) We have no problems filling roles on either faction - We have many alts we're comfortable raiding on at a HM/NiM level, so we can be flexible as needed.


If this catches your eye and you wish for more details or to talk about some opportunities, give me a P.M. here, or message/whisper any of the names you see in the sig. Thanks for your time and have some jolly holidays (Thanksgiving is a thing, don't forget it)

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