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can not decide which one choose help


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It depends on your playstyle, hard for us to tell you without knowing... :o


I personally prefer my Lightning Sorc to my Tank PT or Concealment Op, but that's me. You may very easily prefer something else. :cool:


My advice? Play them all for a bit, focus on what you like and what you hate of each class, then think of which class balances those pluses and minuses the best. ;)

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i wanan burst dps and killing ppl


Burst dps i would say concealment operative, you will kill people one on one but you will lack overall damage. And in most fights you can choose when and whome.


PT is quite bursty but for me doesnt feel so. You are tanky and have very good aoe damage. Its a very good pvp class.


Sorc has probably the most damage overall but is currently more a dot class so not that bursty. In arenas you will be nr1 target most times this can get annoying.


If you like numbers go sorc. In you want to feel like that ****** killer go operative. If you want to be in the middle of a fight all the time and look like iron man go PT.

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