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Far Cry 4


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Anyone playing it? is it any good?



I have never really looked at the series but have finally ran into it with the advertising for 4 and it looks right up my alley. Will have the last character I want to level here done soon and will want to to something else while I wait for the expansion and have a long weekend coming up where the fiance has to work. is it worth it?

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Nobody, huh?


Well; I finished my second gunslinger this weekend and picked it up. (err downloaded on Steam,) I can't believe more people do not like this game. Its fun as hell! It's like Grand Theft Auto (minus the more shady parts, or at least I haven't seen anything yet) with taking vehicles and running wherever you want, meets a Skyrim kind of world in the way that you run into things fighting others things. Throw in a little Bond cleverness in there, and beautiful landscapes and wildlife that acts like wildlife and you have this game.


My only gripe is that it does not always give me a good idea of what to do or how. I think some of it comes from not playing the first 3 where maybe they assume you got the basics. Keep getting a message that my loot bag is full and I have no idea how to access it to make space. All I can find to do is craft something to get some hides out or throw a wad of meat into an unsuspecting enemy camp so a bear or mountain lion runs in to attack them.

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I've been playing it. Haven't gotten far due to getting ready for 3.0 in this.

From what I've played so far;

Story is decent. You have the oppressive self proclaimed government and the natives who are rebelling. The protagonists reason for being there is to bury his mother and gets mixed up in his parents civil war. His reason for being there kind of makes more sense then Jason and friends in far cry 3

The weapon/syringe selection is combined and makes it kind of confusing to say the least.

Driving Is okay but because its possible to use an off hand while driving it combined steering and forward/reverse together.

Visuals look very much like farcry 3 but more polished. When you set brush/grass/trees on fire they all burn away.

The outpost capture system is exactly the same as farcry 3

Crafting is the exact same

Hunting is the exact same

Climbing towers to open new areas of the map is the exact same thing

Getting XP for leveling is pretty much the same. The skills points system is kind of better.

The karma system I havent gotten far enough into yet

Overall alot of the stuff feels the same as farcry 3 but at the same time its improved upon from farcry 3

Also you get to ride elephants and destroy your enemy's with them. Enemy running for you through him with the elephant. Enemy car approaching launch it with the elephant.

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