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The Scout Regiment (pub side) Recruiting


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We are looking for new members to join our ranks. We have 10% xp bonus and rep bonus. We have a stronghold, guild bank, teamspeak, and are up to 200 members currently. We are saving up for the guild ship at the moment and looking for good active members looking for end game material and endgame and leveling pvp.

Yes we are a Attack on titan themed guild, but we dont not roleplay as of yet if you would like to tell me on the character Kassu im the Guild Leader.

So u know some more about us as a whole we started up 1 week ago, and we have a ranking system of squads for our officers if u wanna be a lower level officer contribute to the guild and talk to one of my levi squad. The each have a personal officer squad of 4 people each contributing to their own assigned duty. Since we are such a young guild we have alot of levelers so we do alot of guild pvp groups and run for decorations and helping each other.


If this interested u at all send me mail on this character or in game At Kassu

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