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<Anguish> Imp Side Recruiting majority of rolls


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<Anguish> is currently recruiting limited rolls for Raid Team 1 and recruiting all rolls for Raid Team 2


Both teams are comprised of mostly returning players, so we're starting on HM DF/DP content and working our way to NiM progression, which includes 3.0 content when available. Both Teams are comprised of players who have completed 8/10 or 9/10 NiM content however.


We are comprised of mostly Canadian and Aussie players that are willing to help people out with the end goal of downing as much content as possible in a fun environment


Raid Team 1: 9pm PST Monday & 4PM PST Saturday


x1 Heals ( Prefer sorc, but accepting all applicants)

x1 DPS ( Prefer mara, but accepting all applicants)



Raid Team 2: 9PM EST Thursday (working to schedule 2nd raid night)



x1 Tanks (No preference, accepting all applicants)

x2 Heal (No preference, accepting all applicants)

x2 DPS (No preference, accepting all applicants)




Having completed HM/NiM content is not a per-requiste however we do expect all applicants have at least read and understand the strats behind any fight we attempt if they are available.



We pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere and our shenanigans withing TeamSpeak.



If <Anguish> sounds like a good fit for you please apply online at:






OR you an in-game message one of our officers:


GM: Cyan'ide

ASM: Matar/Dêsolous (alt136)

Officers: Scòrpion (alt149) Volt'Anna/Sweet'spot

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