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[Empire]186 NiM Geared/Experienced Tank LF New Home


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As the title suggests, I am currently looking for a new progression ops team to call a home. My main is a Jugg Tank - mostly 186 geared and experienced with most Nightmare Content.


5/5 NiM TFB w/ From Beyond Title

6/7 NiM S&V

4/5 NiM Dread Fortress (w/ Nightmare Power)

1/5 NiM Dread Palace - This is where my previous guild began running into issues regarding attendance and various other issues which have prevented us from continuing with NiM progression.


My availability is very flexible, I am East Coast and can raid most weekday evenings (except Thursday) and weekends. If any guilds are in need of a progression Tank who knows their stuff, please leave a post here or feel free to PM me through the forums as well.

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