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105 willpower hilts


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Hi all newb question, im level 40 and artifice is maxed at 450 but i cant make hilts that are 105 wllpower.

Where do i get schematics for the 105 advanced hilt. Do i re the advance purple for better schematic or do i need to be. like level 50 or is the schematic looted from treasure hunting or loot boxes. Thx all

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What do you mean by "105 willpower" ? This ?

To learn the schematic, first you have to get an unassembled dread-forged mainhand from DP HM last boss, then redeem it on the fleet for one of the appropriate weapons, rip out the hilt, reverse engineer it and hope you get lucky.


If you meant rating 105, that just doesn't exist, but here is the nearest.

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My advice don't bother trying to get it for two BIG reasons:


#1 it's going to be cheaper AND far less time consuming to simply buy one off the GTN at this point

#2 the expansion hits in two weeks and it will be quickly obsolete.


If you are truly interested in the process open the "30+ schems" link in my signature.


short hand notation information:

  • 30+: all equipment and item modifications (stuff you put into equipment) have a "grade" associated with them. Grade 30 and above (specifically: 30, 31, 32, 34, & 36) all require character level 55 to use. So you want an Advanced Resolve Hilt 34.
  • "schems": short for schematics. schematics are "recipes" for crafting stuff. Some are trained, some are random drops, and some you have to Reverse Engineer (RE for short) existing items to get the schematic you want.
  • in addition to item "grade" there is also item "rating." LONG story short items of grade 34 equate to items of rating 180

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