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In-Game "Fashion Consultant"


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I would like to see a kiosk on the fleet where one can preview all of the obtainable gear pieces on your character, combined with all of the obtainable dye pack selections. You can get some of this functionality on the GTN, but it's subject to the vagaries of market availability of any given piece. One wouldn't be able to purchase from this kiosk, but a tooltip or info pane could say where that item is obtainable.


Yes, I realize that Tor-Fashion and SWTORista and Dulfy show previews of most of the gear, but that does not allow you to preview it on YOUR character, nor can you preview dye combinations or how those pieces combine with other pieces you are considering pairing it with. Theoretically, most of this can be done through the Collections, but it's a cumbersome interface to say the least, not to mention the fact that Collections does not have any of the crafted armor, BoE moddable drops or light/medium/heavy-restricted gear.

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