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Scaling Healing debuffs in PVP


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In 4v4 healing is basically OK since good DPS can burn through heals but in 8v8 it's a bit OP if you have multiple healers and VERY OP if you have a group full of healers and tanks.


The idea is to scale healing Debuff to DPS player that will mitigate stacked heals and to enable "SKILLED" dps players to actually kill their target in 8v8 warzone instead of just waving a wiffle bat around the whole match. It is very frustrating as a DPS player to spend 15 minutes chasing a target to only have it heal to full every few seconds.


My idea would be to add an extra debuff to skills like Sentinel's "crippling throw" and Sniper's "shatter shot" that would reduce the target's healing by a certain percentage if it is coming from more than one source. The default healing reduction on "crippling throw" and "shatter shot" is 20%. They could add stacks of debuff where each additional source of healing adds 1 extra healing debuff. For example if the healing is coming from a second source they could increase the debuff to 35% and for a third source 55%, fourth to 75 % and so on. 20% isn't very effective in 8v8 with multiple healers.

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