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Does legendary gear at any level get boosted in 10-54 warzones?


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Gr8 b8 m8

You got to understand this is the typical response you get on here from no profanity .


To help you out, currently you want to get you some adaptive gear, I usually buy legacy gear put Mk-9s on all of it and just switch it around to all my classes I have, but you could also do it with the free GSF piloting uniform they give you ingame.


Secondly the only defense you should be stacking is endurance, as all others are useless and even if you are playing a defensive tank, right now, you still want offensive stats, burst and superior damage is better in PvP period.

While in green gear you get bolstered, you still have to look at PvP reduction and damage percentages as a person in purple and blue gear usually is higher than a person in green gear. I honestly would not waste the resources and money putting in purple mods in your gear as the percentage difference is very small.


Learn your rotation for bursting a target "Because every class can do this in this game", and focus on called or marked targets. Don't spamm CCs like so many people do, white lining the focused target and don't hold back on applying dots to everyone.

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And what is more important, critical damage or defense. I keep getting wrecked in warzones. My armor is green and mostly defensive and surge.


Nitpicking your title, but the orange gear you use is not legendary. (I take it you come from WoW where orange = legendary.)


It's simply moddable and in some cases adaptive gear. There's only one legendary item ingame and it has a sort of blurry/deeper purple colour that most artifact / operations gear.

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