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Allow selection on 8/16 player mode finder operation


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Hello there!


The finder operations with some extra badges is a really nice idea for quickly farming equipment, but it was much easier to find groups off the prime time when they were limited on 8 players. Furthermore in the 16-player operations many mechanics are not being used. Another point is the arising disadvantage for 8-player raid groups practicing as they are rewarded less badges for harder or at least equal work. And another big point is the disadvantage for players with older computers not having the resources to easy work with 16-player operations (example corrupter zero, when those rocket-void for each player is on schedule, my computer is slowed so much that the whole cast duration takes twice as much on my screen, even on minimum graphic settings where I can play alle the other bosses at medium :mad: ).


For those reasons I would suggest to just let people choose if they want to go for 8-players or 16. This could be easily achievable but just adding 2 fields to tick whether you want to go for 8 or 16 players. This would bring much more justice into the game according to finder operations and the progress being able to be achieved.

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